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Like water for vodka: Vodka, found in most cocktails and mixed drinks, comes from the Slavic word for water, “voda”.

The vodka belt: Drunk neat or straight, it is almost always served very cold in the Vodka Belt in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltic countries.

It’s freezing: Each week at Lenin’s Vodka Bar, we pick a dozen of our favourite vodkas and place them in our vodka freezer, bringing the temperature down to -18°. Good vodka does not freeze but instead becomes slightly thick and syrupy, making it more enjoyable to drink.

Just to be clear: Vodka is often called a neutral grain spirit and its general characteristics have no discernible or distinct flavour or smell; 98% of the time, its clear. That’s because the standard method of making vodka is by fermenting and distilling grain – usually wheat, corn or rye.

In potatoes (beets or grapes) we trust: Vodka can also be made from potatoes, which is why it is popular in potato growing regions such as Poland and the United States. Other bases are beets or grapes; try a shot of Ciroc from France for a taste of grape vodka.

Pure treat: Vodka is often distilled at least three times and most brands will state how many times their vodka has been distilled. It’s this process that can make the vodka even smoother as each time it takes a trip through the distilling process, the more impure parts are removed.

Now add charcoal: Once the vodka has been distilled, it is often filtered through activated charcoal, which will attract and remove any other impurities. This is not the case, though, in traditional vodka producing nations. Their master distillers prefer to use minimum filtering after distillation to preserve their unique characteristics and flavours.

Be social: Now, slide over to the bar and choose a vodka (or three) from our selection of more than 45 vodkas. And counting! Then pick up your glass and say “Nazdravi” – to your health – as a nod to your friendly Czech barman. Or go Russian with a “Vashe zdorovye” and drink up to the vodka revolution. And don’t forget to post a photo of your favourite on our Facebook site or on Twitter @leninsbar.



Ice Berg   18


Finlandia   24


Ciroc   38

Grey Goose   36

Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka (bottle)   1250

Pure Green Organic Vodka   36


Van Gogh Vodka   24


Roberto Cavalli   42


Belvedere   36

Belvedere Black   45

Belvedere Citron   36

Michel Adam F Vodka   38

Pravda   30

Snow Leopard   38

Wyborowa   18

Wyborowa Exquisite   42

Zubrowka   32


Beluga   90

Russian Standard   25

Russian Standard Gold   32

Stolichnaya   23

Stoli Razberi   24

Stoli Vanil   25

Tovaritch   20


Absolut    22

Absolut 100   32

Absolut Elyx   45

Absolut Cherrykran   25

Absolut Citron   24

Absolut Mandarin   25

Absolut Raspberri   25

Absolut Vanilia   25

Pinky Botanical Vodka   45


Barkunski   30


Primitiv   32

Primitiv Chili   32

Primitiv Vanilla   32

Roman Rock   22

Smirnoff No21 Red Label   24

Viva Vodka   28


Smirnoff Black Small Batch   30


Savier Organic   25

SKYY   25

SKYY 90   35

Cruz Vintage Black   25